Patient Testimonials & Reviews About Thrive Medical

“I have been a patient for a number of years and highly recommend anyone looking for a sports and rehab facility to consider using them. The whole staff from the receptionists, the nurse practitioner, and all the therapists are very friendly and professional. The whole office is very accommodating with your time and physical needs.” – Ken P.

“I did not think that it was possible to achieve this level of health. The headaches that I used to have were so unbelievably severe, there were times that I felt that I had a poor quality of life. The anxiety of the possibility of getting a migraine made me feel non-functioning. I am not completely headache free however I literally can count on my fingers how many I have had in the past 2 years. I feel that this was something that wasn’t possible for me.” – Valerie W.

“If your aches and pains are slowing you down I highly recommend this team of skilled professionals and truly compassionate people to help improve your day-to-day functioning and quality of life. Thrive Medical has literally gotten me back into action!” – Jane H.

Patient Reviews

At Thrive Medical on Long Island, your best health is our mission. This is why we provide personalized, collaborative care and multiple services under one roof. Our priority is to provide excellent medical care in a caring, relaxing environment. This means giving you and your family great customer service, individualized attention and one-on-one time with your doctor. 

Patient Testimonials

I am a sixty-eight year old retired educational administrator who has had bilateral knee
(2012), right anterior hip (2015) and left posterior (2019) surgeries. All procedures were successful, but the follow-up physical therapy experiences were horrible. With one exception … this last one in 2019.

Following my last procedure my colleague, Andrew Setzer, asked where I was going for physical therapy and I told him I wasn’t. My prior experiences were handled by therapists who truly preferred to work with injured athletes and/or to engage in Cross Fit or to hang out and talk to each other. I thought my individual efforts were enough.

Well, Andy talked me into making an appointment at Total Medical Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy. Here was my experience.

First, I met Mary, the office administrator who explained how the practice operates. She was extremely professional while at the same time, made me feel welcome. I could tell this was an enlightened approach and that they worked as a team.

Next, I met Jen and Rebecca, receptionist and schedulers. The same friendly and professional demeanor was extended, as well.

Then I met Allison, the nurse, clinical, cautious but friendly. We discussed what was offered, that a data-driven model was used, and what I seemed to need.

And then I was introduced to a highly intelligent young physical therapist, Corey. I could tell he was familiar with my extensive surgical history and I was immediately started on different exercises, while being closely observed.

Next I also received a massage and I wish to mention a young man named Joe, whose skills are far beyond the norm and from whom I have received enormous relief.

In short, since August 2019, participating 3 times a week, I am now able to walk in a balanced way, have changed my lifestyle to include walking and eating less which has resulted in a weight loss of forty pounds. I have experienced unbelievable improvement!

I have some suggestions for you:

  1. The name of this very enlightened practice is not memorable and nor does it reflect its enlightened way of practice. I suggest you work with a branding professional to give it a better name. Advertise in local papers, The Riverhead News Review, Riverhead Local, take an ad on WRIV AM. Locals pay close attention to these media outlets but few I spoke with ever heard of Total Medical! (I do brag when I am asked what I have done!)
  2. Have a tuition refund program for some of your very excellent employees. When I am being massaged by a young professional like Joe and I know he needs to complete his education, it concerns me that he may be forced to work in an unrelated field, perhaps interfering with his time to massage YOUR patients. Think about it, please.
  3. A physical therapist like Corey exhibits leadership demeanor and therefore professional development ability. He uses professional language, changes up exercises as you progress, using his excellent social skills to find out how you did since last visit. If he were a staff member of mine, I would create leadership/supervisory opportunities as his skill set is above the norm.

I spent more than thirty years as NYS certified educational administrator and am trained to recognize excellence in employees at the workplace. I would not be able to mobilize as well as I do now, nor would I ever feel hopeful about my future physical ability without this exceptional group.
So I thought you should know from a patient’s perspective, how it feels to be a member of the Total Medical Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy Family. I haven’t missed an appointment, am invited to come by e-mail and receive friendly phone messages if I am running a bit late or if I have confused my time/day.

I had lunch with my colleague, Andrew, last week and told him I am forever grateful for encouraging me to try Total Medical Sports and Rehabilitation Therapy. You have all made an unbelievable difference in the quality of my life. Great job!!

Kathleen Courtney
C: Mary, Office Manager

After experiencing pain in my left shoulder back in 2018, Total Medical was my Physical Therapy choice. What a great choice it was! My diagnosis was that I needed a total left shoulder replacement. All of the staff assisted me through my treatments and helped me prepare physically and mentally for the surgery. My procedure went very well and I have returned to Total Medical for continuing outpatient treatments. Without the physical therapy I received, my prognosis would not be so positive. The range of motion is improving daily. With the continued treatments I am receiving, I am confident that I can return to my daily activities and playing sports as I did before. Thank you Total Medical for keeping me strong, preparing me for my surgery and now helping me with rehab postop. You have been fantastic. I have recommended them to friends who are now also receiving treatment from Total Medical and having better quality of life! Thank you!!!

I first started coming to Sayville Medical and Rehab for my son last February regarding a hamstring injury. When he started physical therapy, I inquired about services for myself regarding and existing neck injury. The staff members and the onsite nurse made everything so easy to set things up. The staff is welcoming, professional, and very accommodating. The facility is very clean and I never wait for a scheduled appointment. The therapists are friendly and knowledgeable. I take advantage of all of their services. Physical therapy, medical massage, chiropractor and my favorite acupuncture. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who is need of services. I look forward to my appointments every week! – Jen

I have been going to Sayville Medical and Rehab since May, 2019. I was in severe pain with my right hip and could barely walk. At Sayville Medical and Rehab I was doing physical therapy, chiropractic,
accupunture and medical massage. After a few months I had a tremendous improvement with my hip, less pain and was able to walk and perform my every day duties.

I continue today with my treatment doing accupunture and medical massage. I see Gabby and she does pressure points to my neck area and lower back along with stretching exercises that have helped greatly.
Everyone at this practice are very knowledgeable in what they do. I would recommend any one I know that is living in pain and doesn’t have to be, to go to Sayville Medical and Rehab and be treated. They will be just as happy as I am.

The staff is great, always making me feel welcome which is very nice. I would say since I started my
treatments there I have seen a big improvement in my hip, lower back and neck, which in turn has made my life a lot easier, especially since I am still in the work force and can’t afford not to have mobility and be pain free.

My compliments and sincere thanks to everyone at Sayville Medical and Rehab.

Janice Mortati
Bohemia, New York

Please allow me to share my thoughts on the stellar experience I have encountered at Sayville Medical and Rehab. Never before have I had such a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan implemented in such a pleasant environment.

Over the years I have come to expect that getting back to health and wellness would be an ordeal of inconvenient availability, cumbersome insurance paperwork, and generic treatment plans. That was until I walked into Sayville Medical and Rehab.

My wellness plan began with the warm and welcoming feel I received from everyone at the front desk. They are always there to happily greet me, handle my many questions and center appointments around my needs. The testing and diagnosis is done with clarity and diligence, which provided me with a clear understanding of my medical issues and the treatment plan to address them.

What truly separates Sayville Medical and Rehab from other providers is their comprehensive approach to my recovery. The ability for me to receive physical therapy, acupuncture, and medical massage has been an awakening. Like many, I often thought, “I guess I will just have to live and adapt to these pains and discomforts”. Not true. I can attest that the knowledge and skill of these medical professionals has brought me to a level of health I haven’t experienced in years.

In closing, I would like to thank the entire office for caring and sharing my journey to wellness.

Ed Paquette