Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyIf you have difficulty moving and functioning physically due to an injury, disability, disease or condition, physical therapy can treat the source. To create a treatment plan and movement goals that are right for you, we’ll perform a physical exam and evaluation that includes your health history and thorough mobility testing. From there, our Physical Therapist will guide you through the entire healing process—diagnosis to recovery.

Personalized, hands-on care to get you moving, pain-free.

Physical therapy isn’t just for people with pre-existing conditions. In fact, most people can benefit from the prescribed movement and education provided by the experts at Thrive Medical. Our Physical Therapists provide hands-on care to strengthen your body and treat your condition.

  • Sharp pain
  • Lingering pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Noticeable physical deterioration from age
  • Pain without effective medication
  • Plantar Fascitis

Post Surgical and Disease Rehabilitation

Our skilled physical therapists are highly trained to not only treat injuries but perform post-surgical and disease-based rehabilitation.

  • Joint replacement surgery rehab
  • Head surgery rehab
  • Neck surgery rehab
  • Shoulder surgery rehab
  • Breast cancer rehab
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Gait Training and Balance Training

Long-lasting relief begins with one call.

The benefits of physical therapy go beyond injury recovery. Our Physical Therapists will work with you to provide long-lasting pain relief and help you avoid surgery. At Thrive Medical, we work with you and your body to build strength, maximize movement, increase flexibility, resist injury, recover from injury and provide support for your active life.

If you’re ready to start living your life pain-free, find your nearest location to schedule an appointment today.